Stuttgart University

Development of reaction driving light absorber

Rear side of the triple cation perovskite cell fabricated at UST (ipv).

The Stuttgart University UST (ipv) will participate in WP 2 and 5 (NETPEC). UST (ipv) develops one of the key elements of the project – the light absorber for driving the catalytic reaction. The light absorber is basically a photovoltaic cell, which converts the incident sunlight into a potential, which can further be utilised to drive electrical loads or in our case (NETPEC) drive the catalytic reaction for carbon capture. UST (ipv) has expertise in producing perovskite based solar cells, which offer certain advantages as compared to traditional crystalline silicon solar cells, such as tuneable bandgap and easy processing to name a few. Utilising the perovskite cells in tandem architectures, UST (ipv) will develop cells with voltages which would drive the catalytic reaction in an efficient manner. UST (ipv) will also explore different approaches in order to couple the PV cell and the catalyst in a single system.

Correctional schematic of the single junction triple cation perovskite cell fabricated at UST (ipv).