Tübingen University Climatology

Investigating Climatic Constraints and Impacts of large-scale deployment of NETPEC devices

Given an integrated photoelectrochemical negative emission device, there is a need to investigate the climatic constraints and impacts of large-scale deployment of such NETPEC devices. An initial direction into finding some of these constraints and impacts is found in May and Rehfeld, 2022 [https://doi.org/10.1002/aenm.202103801]. But we need to carefully study the potential side effects of such an implementation over the long-term during their usage as a CDR technology and their direct effects on the carbon budget.

Initial calculations of certain impacts will be analytically motivated with global energy balance models. Furthermore, a characterization of NETPEC devices into climate models of various complexity will be the first step to investigating any regional and global effects on climate through simulations. The time scales over which these effects gain momentum as opposed to their primary function of impacting the carbon cycle of the earth will also be studied. The deployment will also need to factor the SSP and RCP pathways that will guide such a CDR technology to realistically scale such effects into the future.